ESL (English as a Second Language) School in Boston, MA,USA

since 1981, The boston language Institute has served the most demanding clientele: students and professionals who must make rapid progress in speaking and writing English. for some, their English skills will in large measure determine their quality of life in the United States.


More than 55,000 students and professionals have completed English as a Second Language (ESL) Course and over 160 foreign languages at New England's most prominent foreign language and English language school. The environment at The boston language Institute is at once American and international.


At The boston language Institute, expert instructors create a challenging and stimulating, yet relaxed and enjoyable learning environment in small classes of four to twelve students. We offer five English language class levels from beginner to advanced levels. More advanced students of ESL course also thrive in the learning environment of the Institute. indeed, through such programs as English for Foreign-Born Professionals and the private MBA Preparation Program for International Students, The boston language Institute has developed a specialty in teaching advanced students, who often have difficulty finding effective programs at their level.


our instructors

Instructors at The boston language Institute are native speakers of English with years of teaching experience in the United States and abroad. All of our instructors are certified to teach English as a foreign language. Many have been trained in The boston language Institute's internationally acclaimed TEFL Certificate Program and most have experience learning a second language themselves. Many of our instructors have masters degrees and a couple have PhD degrees. in class, teachers highlight the differences between written and spoken English, for example, between "How did you like them?“和”Howdja like 'em?" When students learn the natural way English is spoken, their listening comprehension improves dramatically. Our instructors enliven classes and enhance students' conversational ability by explaining frequently used slang and colloquial expressions. 


The Communicative Approach

Drawing on the Institute's TEFL Certificate Program, we employ the most modern methods in the field of language acquisition. Through the Communicative Method, which views each aspect of language learning -- grammar, conversation, reading and writing -- as a necessary support for the others, students learn new vocabulary and grammar while enhancing their English communication skills in a discussion-based and interactive class. Class themes focus on high-interest topics that present language in context and stimulate conversation.


This differentiates us in important ways from schools that fragment language learning into, for example, a“vocabulary”hour, a“reading”hour, and a "conversation" hour, since we adhere to the modern view that each aspect of language learning is a necessary support for the others.


Writing assignments are often given as homework to further build language competence. grammar, vocabulary and idioms are taught using textbooks, current articles from newspapers and magazines and materials specially prepared by instructors to reflect student interest. Students make use of the Institute's Multi-Media Lab to supplement class work.


To Begin an English Language Program

Before beginning a program, each student takes a written placement test.  On the first day of class, we assess the student's speaking and listening comprehension skills. To assure that students are making progress and reaching their language learning objectives, the Department of English as a Second Language continually monitors class instruction and students performance.


contact us

The boston language Institute has over a 35-year commitment to client service and program excellence. Please contact at x228 or contact @ for a helpful discussion of your needs.


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